Double Glazing Grants 2015

Double Glazing Grants 2015

Double glazing grants 2015When it comes to double glazing grants 2015 the cashback continues following the long awaited re-launch of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in December 2014 … so grab it while you can!

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund or GDHIF for short, launched in June 2014 but closed within just a few weeks after the £120 million fund that was set aside to help homeowners with the cost of energy saving measures was all taken. The great news is the GDHIF is back … as from the 14th December 2014 cashback grants of up to £5,600 are available to households throughout England and including Wales also, to assist with the installation costs of various energy conservation measures and, apart from the usual insulation measures it can also contribute towards the cost of a new boiler AND double glazing. Initially there will be another £30 million available but further releases of additional funds are expected in February 2015.

The GDHIF has been a great success thus far with over 20,000 UK households having taken advantage of it. Under the latest release of funding households are eligible for a maximum of:

  • £4000 for installing solid wall insulation
  • £1000 for installing two approved measures from the list below:

Cavity wall insulation

Condensing mains gas boiler

Secondary glazing

Double/triple glazing (replacement single glazing)

Flat roof insulation

Replacement warm air unit

Fan-assisted storage heaters

Energy efficient replacement doors

Floor insulation

Room-in-roof insulation

Waste water heat recovery

  • £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment (GDHIF always starts with an assessment)
  • An additional £500 if applying within the first year of buying a new home.

What The Government Say

“This fund is a big success story for the Green Deal – helping thousands of people improve their homes so that they’re warmer, greener and cheaper to run.”

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey went on to say

“The best way people can cut their energy bills, this winter and every winter, is to improve their homes so that they leak less heat and use less energy. That’s why we’ve increased the funding available for the Green Deal to help even more people start saving money sooner.”

Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd added:

“We’ve already taken £50 off energy bills this year, and have forced energy companies to make things simpler and easier for bill payers, but we know that the best way for households to cut their bills is to use less energy.

“More than three quarters of a million homes have already had energy saving improvements installed as a result of the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal. It makes sense to go even further to help more families install measures so that they see the benefits of lower bills and a warmer home for years to come.”

How To Access The Double Glazing Grants 2015

Access to these cashback double glazing grants 2015 starts with a Green Deal Assessment (there’s £100 cash back towards the cost of this assessment – it shouldn’t be much more than this with quotes of £120 being the norm) which will provide you, as a homeowner, landlord or tenant, with a Green Deal Advice Report or Energy Performance Certificate which will outline the energy saving measures that are recommended for your home.

Should you decide to take this advice and take up these measures simply get a quote (or quotes – you can do your own negotiations) from any GGHIF registered installer and fill in a voucher application form. The voucher will then be allocated to you for you to use towards the costs of the energy savings measures, it’s that simple, there’s no risk, no obligation and you have nothing to lose!

Double glazing may not be the main aim of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund but it does include double glazing grants in 2015, also secondary glazing and triple glazing so grab some of that free cash while you can.


closedWell, we did suggest that you grab a slice to this money whilst it’s available! And, if you haven’t already taken advantage it looks like you’re too late. It’s been announced that the latest release of Green Deal Home Improvement Fund money will be the last. The initiative will end on 30th September 2015 or sooner if the money runs out before. There will be no additional releases of money meaning that the scheme. As highly popular as it was, will close for good after this date. That’ll be the end of the Green Deal double glazing grants 2015.

We await the next initiative and will keep you informed.