Double Glazing Grants And The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) Cashback

cash back double glazingFrom June 2014, under the new Government scheme, householders both in England and Wales are now able to claim up to £7,600 cashback towards the cost of energy efficiency enhancements to the home. This includes up to £1,000 against the cost of double glazing and secondary glazing.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, or GDHIF as we will come to know it, follows the launch of a new scheme by the government that aims at driving the demand for the government’s Green Deal scheme.

After the householders make their contributions towards the improvement of the scheme, the scheme will help them to install a range of energy efficiency methods such as double glazing, secondary glazing, energy efficient doors, new heating systems as well as solid wall and other forms of insulation. The installation will be facilitated by the scheme through provision of money back to the householders on their contributions.

It Starts Now!

Starting from now (June 2014) social landlords, private landlords as well as property owners may apply for support from the scheme courtesy of Green Deal Home Improvement Fund for solid wall insulation as well as any two of the other twelve permitted and recommended energy savings facilitators such as new boilers and insulation including doors, windows as well as double glazing.

The scheme was even hailed by the Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey as a way householders may take control of their energy bills by spending less energy.

“Faulty boilers, draughty windows and insufficient insulation all cause properties to leak hundreds of pounds every year. But advice and support through the Green Deal can help put a stop to this,” he said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “By installing energy saving improvements, families across the country can enjoy the benefits of warmer, more energy efficient homes and lower bills.”

How The Scheme Works

The initiative aims at ensuring that home owners receive cashback of up to £1,000 for installing a combination of two of the following energy efficiency mechanisms.

· Secondary glazing

· Double glazing(replacing single glazing)

· Replacement doors

· Waste water heat recovery systems

· Flat roof insulation

· Floor insulation

· Room-in roof insulation

· Condensing gas boiler( on main gas)

· Flue gas heat recovery units

· Cavity wall insulation

· Replacement warm air unit

· Replacement storage heater

Furthermore, the cost of solid wall insulation can be claimed back up to a limit of £6,000. There is also a refund of £100 from the cost of the Green Deal Assessment. There is also an additional £500 for people who bought property and made improvements within a period of 12 months prior to their application. On the other hang, there is a guarantee on grant rates till £50m of the whole funding is awarded. A total sum of up to £120m is also available in 2014 with the view to re-evaluate the grant levels after the initial £50m is over.


In order to qualify for the scheme, one must have the improvements recommended on a valid energy performance certificate (EPC). This must be less than 24 months or have a Green Deal Advice Report. All the customers should then register with GDHIF as soon as the scheme opens its doors in June. After this, they should install their improvements with the help of a registered Green Deal provider or installer within six months and then submit the vouchers together with the invoices once the installation is over. Payments are expected to be done within a period of ten days only.

GDHIF AssessmentHowever, GDHIF can’t be combined with other funding from green deal communities, ECO or any existing cashback scheme for the same installation. People may only apply for GDHIF in case there is need for further improvements recommended by Green Deal Advice Report or energy performance certificate.

If you are a tenant or a landlord, you may apply for the scheme provided you pay for the improvements by yourself. However, a note should be taken since landlords have not received more than £160,000 for the last three years in terms of government funding. Green Deal Home Improvement fund main aim is to offer financial support in relation to double glazing to householders. For those in Scotland, a separate scheme will apply.

How To Apply

It all starts with a Green Deal Assessment on your home. Following which you will be advised which measures you are able to claim for. You will also be informed just how much you will be eligible for. The cost of this assessment varies (usually around £100 or so). Make sure you shop around. As stated previously though, a £100 assessment cost refund will be issued when you take up home improvement measures.

So, what are you waiting for, book an assessment!

UPDATE: The GDHIF has been closed for new applications with effect from 24th July 2014 – Read More >>>