Green Deal Finance

Double Glazing Grants, UK Finance And The Green Deal


Launched on October 1st 2012 the Green Deal has been defined as “the most ambitious home improvement programme ever” for the entire United Kingdom. In fact there are up to 26,000,000 (26 million) homes in the UK which are eligible for double glazing grants UK funding or financial assistance from this program.

So what exactly is The Green Deal? This is a brand new government program to help both business and domestic property owners to improve their overall energy efficiency. As a result it will lower heating bills and also reduce the carbon footprint at the same time.

The reality is that most property owners understand that their home or business could be a lot more energy efficient but they simply don’t have the money to make the types of improvements required. The Green Deal solves this problem. It does so by providing the green technology your home needs without you having to pay any money upfront. Instead you simply need to make a small monthly payment spread out over a period of up to 25-years.

Why Is This Being Offered?

double glazing green deal

The United Kingdom has always been one of the most industrial nations on the planet. With growing evidence that C02 emissions are adding to the problem of global warming the government are now taking drastic steps to reduce the amount of energy UK homes are using.

Because the United Kingdom is made up from several “mature” nations many of the properties dotted across the island are woefully inefficient when it comes to energy use.

In short The Green Deal is a focused drive on improving the energy efficiency of UK homes. Thus trying to prevent the environmental disaster which is looming just over the horizon.

What Types Of Green Technology?

What level of assistance is available and what kind of double glazing grants UK funding or finance options are available? Most UK homes have more than one single need when it comes to energy conservation and production. Therefore this programme covers everything involving energy consumption. Form solar panels, electric storage heating and floor insulation to the more critical things like double glazing. Is double glazing really that important? It absolutely is because the average UK property loses anywhere from 18% – 25% of its heat energy through old single glazed windows. Double glazing can massively reduce your carbon footprint and your heating costs in one fell swoop.

The Green Deal is actually quite generous in what it offers to property owners. With an upper limited of £10,000 in funding available being more than enough to fit most homes with double glazing. There’s an additional £1,000 cashback bonus offer available for early adopters.

Whatever the Government invests in your home is then repaid by you over a period of up to 25-years. This id done by placing a small extra charge on your home energy bill each month. So for very small amount paid out each month you can instantly start saving money by having the double glazing your home so badly needs.

The amount saved each month will be more than the amount you pay for the installation of these measured. That’s the plan anyway!

How To Apply

Your first step is to contact a Green Deal Advisor who can perform an assessment on your home. There should be no upfront cost but please do check this in advance. Your Green Deal Report will then be used to formulate a plan to improve the energy efficiency of your home overall. So the process is: Assessment – Recommendations – Quote – Installation.

The Green Deal finance offer is available now and will continue for the immediate future but that doesn’t mean that you should wait until the very late minute to apply. In fact why not apply straight away and have those old single glazed windows replaced in just a few weeks from now? If double glazing grants UK aren’t available, Green Deal finance or funding options MAY still be an option to consider.

As mentioned before, the Government unexpectedly pulled the plug on the Green Deal in July 2015 – Read More >>>