Double Glazed Sash Windows

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Aluminum and PVC double glazed sash windows are rapidly growing in popularity here in the UK and a variety of colours are available that do not have to be repainted or heavily maintained like wood.

Whilst they may not quite as popular yet in the UK, double glazed sash windows are among the most common window types in North America. Whilst they show some variability, about 95% of sash windows are made with redwood timber, and many companies continue to follow this trend so that new windows will match old ones.

In some places, manufacturing and installation occur within the same company, which cuts out any confusion halfway through the process. This is a good thing for home-owners, who probably want their windows in place as quickly as possible, especially if the season is turning cold.

Double glazed sash windows installation or replacement often comes with a warranty of at least ten years, so it’s good to use a company that you believe will have the staying power to be around in a few years to honour that warranty. Some will even offer a twenty-year guarantee.

What is a Double Glazed Sash Window?

A sash is the wooden frame that holds one or two window panes. Most sash windows contain two sashes, one above the other, and the bottom one slides up and down to let in air. The term “double glazed” refers to sash windows that contain two panes, and this is common for both the top half of the window and the bottom half.

When a sash window holds multiple smaller panes of glass, these panes are held in place by wooden strips known as muntin bars. Most modern muntin bars are removable, so these windows are customizable after installation. It also makes the windows easier to clean.

Benefits of Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double glazing enables better noise reduction, as sound transmission through two layers of glass is much more difficult than a single pane. This style of window can also decrease heating costs, since it improves thermal insulation.

Modern sash windows sometimes come with tilting options that allow for cleaning both sides of the window from inside the house. This is especially useful for windows on above-ground floors, so that you don’t have to get out the ladder and risk hurting yourself for the sake of a clean window.

Interestingly, double glazing can even tone down the amount of rattling that your window does, even on windy days. Their tight fit helps keep out draughts, which contributes to the drop in heating costs. Old sash windows sometimes don’t sit quite right in their window box, so updating your windows is a good investment in this case.

Each window can cost a fair amount of money, but with a sound long-term warranty, as mentioned above, and the right modern company, replacing or installing this type of window will almost always be worth it. The windows will pay for themselves in terms both of savings down the road and of comfort on a daily basis.

Presumably, you want your home to be restful place where you can kick back without having to worry, and double glazed sash windows are one way to help you get to that goal.