How To Measure For New Windows And Doors

How to measure for new windows and doorsHere’s how to size and select the windows properly. These days, even if you’re intending employing a local tradesman or a national double glazing specialist to install your new windows it’s always a good idea to use one of the many online pricing services to at least set a benchmark price that you can use to your advantage in negotiations.

Then there’s the type of windows you’re looking for … do you want side opening, top opening etc.

Here’s how to size and select the windows properly.

Measuring For New Double Glazing

How to measure for new windows and doors: One things for certain, as you’ll find out, no window opening is ever perfectly square! This is why you have to be very precise when you’re measuring up for new windows.

We’d always recommend that you leave this to the professionals. That way not only do you ensure the measurement is accurate, you’ll also be passing the responsibility on. That means that if the wrong size is ordered or manufactured it’s not your fault … or financial responsibility!

Imperial Or Metric?

Most windows companies will accept measurements in both inches and centimeters. We always suggest that you work in metric though. That’s for simple reason that you can get a more accurate measurement when you get down to millimeters!

Reach For The Tape Measure

Get a decent quaility measure – don’t use any of those cheap rollup tape measures that actually stretch when you pull them!

Right … here goes! The five rules of measuring for new double glazing:

  1. Do NOT measure the existing window frame.
  2. Measure the brickwork opening itself and preferably from the outside of the wall.
  3. If it’s not possible for you to measure from the outside take the measurement from as close to the window space as you can get to from inside.
  4. To get the height, measure down from the left side, the right side and take an additional reading around the middle of the window. Don’t assume the window to be square – multiple measurements are vital
  5. To get the width, measure across the top, the bottom and, again, take at least one additional measurement across the middle of the window space.

The Results

Height: The shortest height measurement gives you the maximum size of the window. It is customary to deduct 10mm from this measurement to get the size of window to order.

Width: The narrowist measurement gives you the maximum size of window that will fit. Again, it’s customary to deduct 10mm to get the size of window to order.

The Options For Windows

Once you’ve got the size you’ll need to decide on the basic style. There’s hundreds of different connortations based on the following basic options:

  • One, two, three or four column windows (ie, number of column separators).
  • Which windows in which columns do you want to open.
  • Also, which way do you want them to open.
  • Trickle vents installed or not.
  • Type of handles.

And then, of course, there’s the actual typ of window itself. There’s numerous choices here too … bay windows, sash windows, casement, sliders, awning, hopper, tilt and turn, skylights … the choices can be quite daunting.

Make sure whatever you choose fit’s in with the architecture of the property. It can be handy to check out what the neighbours have – it’ll give you a good idea of what looks good and what you like (and don’t like!).

Measuring For New Double Glazed Doors

How to measure for new windows and doors. There’s three main types of doors (excluding garage doors)

  1. The Front Door
  2. Back / Side Door
  3. Patio Doors

Once again, styles and options are vast in all cases but the rules of measuring them up are as follows:

Don’t measure the existing frame – measure the “hole” the new frame will fit in.

Take three measurements lengthwise (left, right and centre) to get the height.

Take three measurements widthwise (left, right and centre) to get the width.

The Results

Again, it’s the smallest of these measurements you’ll want to take and then deduct 10mm from the minimum hight and the minimum width to get the size of door (including frame) to order.

The Options For Doors

These depend on personal preference.

Patio doors could be french opening or sliding for example. Front door may incorporate a glazed panel to the left, right or both and the designs are pretty much unlimited. The back or side door colud be fully glazed or part glazed and, again, style is personal preference or to fit in with the style of windows.

How To Measure For New Windows And Doors

As we said though – sure you can easily measure the windows yourself but make sure that the company you decide to go with check your measurements and takes the responsibility for the sizing. That way it’s them that have to correct any errors and, at their cost.