UK Double Glazing Grants 2021

UK Double Glazing Grants 2021Well … what a year 2020 has been for us all and who could have seen THAT coming! As we come to the end of the year let’s look at the outlook for UK double glazing grants 2021.

As we write this in England we’re subject to a second lockdown, the firebreak lockdown in Wales is coming to an end and there’s major restrictions throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland too. We’re not out of the woods yet but one would like to assume that we’ll start getting back to some degree of normality at some stage in 2021. And that means there’s likely to be a very high focus on economic recovery, In turn this means we may see a variety of measures and incentives introduced to kick-start to economy.

Then there’s Brexit too – even now we still don’t know if we’re leaving the EU with or without a deal!

Will this mean that a new dawn of double glazing grants 2021 are a real possibility … we’re hopeful.

So … what do we know for certain so far?

One of the biggest incentives towards energy efficient home inprovements was the launch of the Green Homes Grant in England.

Green Homes Grant 2021

We announced the arrival of the Green Homes Grant back in mid 2020. To remind ourselves of what it is, how it works and how it applies to double glazing grants in 2021:

The Green Homes Grant is a Government backed initiative aimed at kickstarting the economy by supporting energy efficient home improvements in England (thus supporting the drive for carbon saving too). It means that homeowners can apply for vouchers of up to £10,000 which can be used as part-payment for qualifying home improvements when carried out by registered tradespeople.

In real terms for the majority the maximum value of these vouchers will only be £5,000. To qualify for the additional grant the applicant must be in the  low income owner occupiers category and in receipt of income-based or disability benefits. Still … £5,000 can go along way!

The burning question then – does it cover double glazing grants? The answer is yes … but not in most cases.

How It Works

The way the grant works is as follows:

  1. Visit the official Simple Energy Advice website and fill in the questionaire about your property. This will then tell you which improvement measures are going to be eligible for grant funding.
  2. You must select at least one primary measure consisting of:
    • Insulation, including solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall or roof insulation.
    • Low carbon heating systems such as air source or ground source heat pumps.
    • Solar thermal systems which basically means solar panels.
  3. You can then select secondary measures up to the same value as the primary measures you’ve already selected. These include:
    • Double glazing, triple glazing or secondary glazing.
    • An upgrade to energy efficient doors.
    • Thermostats and heating controls for hot water and appliance tanks.
  4. The site will then confirm all eligible measures, the approximate cost and the resulting savings.
  5. You will then be directed to the Green Homes Grant application website where you can apply for the voucher.
  6. You can then start obtaining quotes from Trustmarked installers in readiness for them to carry out the installation on reciept of the voucher.

Green Homes Double Glazing Grants 2021

We said that double glazing grants are available as a secondary measure however, there are caveats which mean that it’s not going to be good for many of us:

  • Draft proofing is a secondary measure.
  • Double glazing grants are available but only when upgrading from single glazing. They do not cover the cost of replacing existing or even substandard double glazed units
  • Energy efficient replacement doors are covered though – as long as they are replacing single glazed or solid doors which were installed before 2002

So that’s what you’ve got to consider – if you currently have single glazing or if you have solid doors from pre 2002 then there’s a grant to be had.

Green Homes Grant 2021 – Expected Changes

As we write this in mid November 2020, the first of the vouchers are only just starting to be distributed. There’s also a lot of problems finding a Trustmarked contractor to carry out the works as they are all incredibly busy and numbers are limited. However, the scheme is due to close at the end of March 2021. And that means all installation have to be completed by them. Add into the mix the impending winter when the installation of many measures can’t be carried out and you’ll see that it’s going to be a challenge to get the works done in time.

For that reason and knowing how much the various industries are lobbying for an extension we think it’s almost a certainty that the deadline of the scheme will be extended – we are guessing by a further 3 months to the end of June.

So, for that reason, if you have single glazing or pre 2002 solid doors then get your application in as there’s double glazing grants to be had!

UK Double Glazing Grants 2021 – After The GHG

As to what happens when the GHG ends (be that March, June or some other time in 2021)? We are lead to believe that there will be follow on schemes to incentivise gree / eco home improvements but what these will be is anyones guess. We personally think they may target the social housing market more. There are many many thousand homes in desperate need of improvements in this market so it would make sense to pump money into this market. If that’s the case then double glazing grants for the private homeowner may prove difficult.

That said, the UK double glazing industry is lobbying the Government hard. Like most, this industry has been hit hard and would benefit from support in getting it back on its feet again. The Green Homes Grant helps but not enough for the general double glazing market.

Interest rates remain low and are likely to do so for some time however. This means that, double glazing grant or no double glazing grant, there could be some amazing deals for homeowners. Already we’re seeing low prices, price matches, interest free credit over several years, trade in recycle deals on existing double glazing etc – we don’t see this changing in 2021 so it could be a great year to replace or upgrade existing double glazing too.