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Double Glazing Grants

Double Glazing Grants UK

Double Glazing Grants. If you’re considering new windows you’ll already know it’s going to cost you! Look on it as an investment though. That means don’t simply go for the cheapest option. Instead, shop around, investigate the different choices, the benefits and improvements they will deliver and go for what you consider to represent the best value for money. At the same time it’s always worth checking out the various double glazing grants that may be available to you throughout the UK.

Finding these double glazing grants is not always easy and you may have to search around which is where we come in. We’ll let you know what may or may not be available right now and point you in the right direction to apply.

Double Glazing Made Simple

Double glazing is a method of making a window with two layers of glass and a space between each layer. There is absolutely no doubt as to the benefit which is why these days over 80% of UK homes already have it installed. Here are just some of the benefits of good quality, properly installed, double glazing:

  • Reduces Your Costs On Energy. Estimates from the Energy Saving Trust indicate that you can save as much as £12 a month if you install double glazed windows. That’s about £145 per year for the average detached home.
  • Leads To A Reduction In Noise. Noise travels through solid particles such as air, solids and liquids. Your window insulates you against outside noise by providing a space between layers of glass that noise cannot travel through. This means that your home will be quiet and peaceful.
  • Retains Heat. Heat travels through the same particles as noise. This means that double-glazing your windows prevents heat from moving out of your home. This is especially important during winter. Likewise, double glazed windows prevent heat from moving into your home during hot seasons such as summer.
  • Increases Your Home Security. Security is critical in any home. Double-glazing your windows provides an additional security barrier to any would be intruder because such windows have two layers of glass. This makes your home a bit safer than conventional windows.
  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint. Lower energy consumption can only be good for the environment!

Forms of Double Glazing

forms of double glazingThere are various different types of double-glazing in terms of the materials used. The most common forms of double-glazing being as follows:

uPVC i.e. Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride Frames. These frames are very durable as well as recyclable. They also require very little in the way of regular maintenance.

Wooden Frames. They require a bit of maintenance and regular painting but they are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Steel Or Aluminium Frames. These frames are built to last! They are durable, slim and recyclable.

Composite Frames. Two materials make up these frames i.e. plastic and timber or aluminium and timber. The use of timber means that these frames require a bit of maintenance but ultimately, the plastic or aluminium will reduce the need for extensive maintenance.

Possible Restrictions

Historic homes, homes in conservation areas and listed buildings are subject to a number of restrictions. This often includes what the property owners can do with their windows. You should choose from a number of available options that include shutters, heavy lined curtains, sealed blinds or secondary glazing.

It is important for you to note that the suitability of these options depend entirely on any restrictions the local council has placed on your building or home.

How to Cut Costs on Double Glazing

As mentioned earlier, double glazing is costly. You can cut costs on double glazing your windows by fitting:

  1. Secondary Glazing. You can fit a secondary layer of glass and frame inside the window reveal that already exists. Secondary glazing may not seal your windows perfectly but it is cheap and it saves energy.
  2. Hollow Blinds, Sealed Shutters And Heavy Curtains. The main objective of double-glazing is to reduce heat loss and energy costs. Heavy curtains can achieve this objective because they reduce the intensity of draughts flowing through your window. Sealed shutters and hollow blinds will also achieve the same objective.
  3. Access any double glazing grants which may be available.

UK Double Glazing Grants 2023

double glazing grants

As we move into 2023 there’s a very clear focus on the installation of multiple energy efficiency measures (EEMs) to improve the thermal performance of existing homes. This supports climate change objectives, the push towards the UKs net zero carbon target by 2050 and the 78% reduction in emissions by 2035. On top of that we’re in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis resulting in spiraling fuel bills to power and heat our homes meaning that energy saving measures (including double glazing) are at the top of the priorities for almost everybody in the UK. Read more >.

Whilst it’s quite simple to continue to improve energy ratings in new-build homes the big challenge is in upgrading existing properties … particularly the older ones which were built with little focus on insulation and energy performance at the time.

As you’d expect the Government are investing heavily in this retrofit market but, rather than work on a measure by measure basis and issuing grants for double glazing, insulation, boilers etc. they’re taking a “whole house” approach. This involves looking at all aspects of thermal performance on a property by property basis and identifying all the energy efficiency measures that will positively impact the fabric of the building and getting all the improvements done in one go.

The Focus In 2023

UK double glazing grants

Because the Government are intending to maximise the impact of their investment in the retrofit / refurbishments whilst there are grants to be had and funding available for the one off private housing market their biggest focus initially is on the social housing market where the homes of entire estates and communities can all be upgraded.

These measures typically fall into three categories:

  • Insulation
  • Heating
  • Renewable Technologies

Obviously, double glazing has its part to play and fits into the insulation category but, being honest, unless you’re looking at a significant upgrade (from old single glazing for example), it may not be regarded as a priority measure.

What does this mean for UK double glazing grants in 2023?

Well, whilst there may not be any specific double glazing grants available in 2023 there are some very good options if you fit into the criteria and if you’re prepared to consider the thermal upgrade of your whole property rather than just upgrading the windows.

There are grant schemes that are available UK wide through central government and local councils but there are also additional funding programs that are specific to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Apart from energy efficiency, including double glazing, grants there are also a variety of low cost finance options available on a country by country basis.

You can read about all of these in our latest feature UK Double Glazing Grants 2023

Double Glazing Grants 2023 – The Outlook

Whilst we’ve established that specific double glazing grants may not be available in 2023 as part of a package of energy efficiency improvement measures there’s plenty of grants available – most of which are aimed at the low income, vulnerable or off-gas grid households.

That said, watch out for the launch of ECO Plus which is scheduled for April 2023 as this is expected to provide a grant of up to £15,000 towards a range of improvement measures including loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and smart heating controls but lobbying continues to try to open this initiative up to include additional measures too. Unlike teh main current focus this is aimed to support mid-income households … the “able to pay” market so … watch this space!

Double Glazing Grants 2023 – What Else?

double glazing grants 2021 ukInterest rates are increasing and so borrowing money to fund double glazing may not be that attractive. Inflation and the cost of materials is also putting pressure on prices and labour rates too.

In 2023 it’s going to be down to the double glazing manufacturers themselves to come up with initiative to make the deals as attractive as possible – discounts, spread the cost, interest free deals, scrappage schemes etc. Check all the options and consult a finance expert before deciding.

The fourth phase of the Government’s own UK wide Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) program finally got through the Parliamentary legislative procedure in mid 2022. At this stage it will continue until 2025 but it may well be extended further after this. This is primarily for low income and fuel poverty families though.

Most of the grants in England are administered via your Local Authority but again, they are mainly geared towards Social Landlords and low income households. In Scotland the various grant shemes go under the umbrella Warmer Homes Scotland. Wales too has it’s own schemes within their own Warm Homes program and there are limited grants in Northern Ireland under the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Program. You can read all about these schemes and judge the opportunity for double glazing grants in our feature UK Double Glazing Grants 2023

Grants for the Disabled:

The disabled qualify for grants that can help them pay for certain changes to their homes. These changes may include stair lifts, new doors or double glazed windows. They ensure that the disabled feel comfortable in their own home, make savings and maintain their independence. This grant is a mandatory grant upon recommendation by your Occupational Therapist.

Local Authority Grants: 

You can access this grant in form of a Home Repair Assistance Grant or similar. It will help you to do a number of improvements around your home such as installing double glazed windows. You should take note of the rules, terms and conditions of this grant so that you do not find yourself in violation of Local Authority laws and regulations. Consult your own local authority to see what’s available in your area.

ECO Plus: 

A grant scheme which will provide up to £15,000 towards the cost of certain insulation measures and smart heating controls. Scheduled to launnch in April 2023 this free money will be available to all but mainly geared towards the mid-earning households. Watch this space for more informaion!

windows scrappage scheme

Window Scrappage Schemes: 

Currently many of the main double glazing companies provide a scheme whereby you can trade in old windows for a reduced cost or cash-back on replacement, energy efficient windows. Read more about Windows Scrappage Schemes here >>>.

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