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Double Glazing Grants

Double Glazing Grants UK

If you’re thinking about new windows you’ll already know it’s going to cost you! Look on it as an investment though – don’t simply go for the cheapest option but shop around, investigate the different choices, the benefits and improvements they will deliver and go for what represents the best value for money.

At the same time you should always check out the various double glazing grants that may be available to you throughout the UK … and that’s what can help you with.


The importance of energy efficiency, the high cost of energy bills and the drive to net zero by 2050 means that, in spite of  a bit of a u turn, the Government remain committed to financially support domestic energy efficiency measures and improvements. And, with a general election on the horizon, policy around this is likely to become a key part of manifesto for Government and opposition parties alike.

There’s all sorts of financial support available across all countries of the UK but unfortunately double glazing grants themselves are not readily available as a stand-alone measure. That said you should check things out as there MAY be some financial support for double glazing.

We have a page dedicated to explaining exactly what energy efficiency and double glazing grants are available in 2024: Double Glazing Grants 2024 >

Double Glazing Made Simple

Double glazing is a method of making a window with two layers of glass and a space between each layer. There is absolutely no doubt as to the benefit which is why these days over 80% of UK homes already have it installed. Here are just some of the benefits of good quality, properly installed, double glazing:

  • Reduces Your Costs On Energy. Estimates from the Energy Saving Trust indicate that you can save as much as £12 a month if you install double glazed windows. That’s about £145 per year for the average detached home.
  • Leads To A Reduction In Noise. Noise travels through solid particles such as air, solids and liquids. Your window insulates you against outside noise by providing a space between layers of glass that noise cannot travel through. This means that your home will be quiet and peaceful.
  • Retains Heat. Heat travels through the same particles as noise. This means that double-glazing your windows prevents heat from moving out of your home. This is especially important during winter. Likewise, double glazed windows prevent heat from moving into your home during hot seasons such as summer.
  • Increases Your Home Security. Security is critical in any home. Double-glazing your windows provides an additional security barrier to any would be intruder because such windows have two layers of glass. This makes your home a bit safer than conventional windows.
  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint. Lower energy consumption can only be good for the environment!

Forms of Double Glazing

forms of double glazingThere are various different types of double-glazing in terms of the materials used. The most common forms of double-glazing being as follows:

uPVC i.e. Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride Frames. These frames are very durable as well as recyclable. They also require very little in the way of regular maintenance.

Wooden Frames. They require a bit of maintenance and regular painting but they are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Steel Or Aluminium Frames. These frames are built to last! They are durable, slim and recyclable.

Composite Frames. Two materials make up these frames i.e. plastic and timber or aluminium and timber. The use of timber means that these frames require a bit of maintenance but ultimately, the plastic or aluminium will reduce the need for extensive maintenance.

Possible Restrictions

Historic homes, homes in conservation areas and listed buildings are subject to a number of restrictions. This often includes what the property owners can do with their windows. You should choose from a number of available options that include shutters, heavy lined curtains, sealed blinds or secondary glazing.

It is important for you to note that the suitability of these options depend entirely on any restrictions the local council has placed on your building or home.

How to Cut Costs on Double Glazing

As mentioned earlier, double glazing is costly. You can cut costs on double glazing your windows by fitting:

  1. Secondary Glazing. You can fit a secondary layer of glass and frame inside the window reveal that already exists. Secondary glazing may not seal your windows perfectly but it is cheap and it saves energy.
  2. Hollow Blinds, Sealed Shutters And Heavy Curtains. The main objective of double-glazing is to reduce heat loss and energy costs. Heavy curtains can achieve this objective because they reduce the intensity of draughts flowing through your window. Sealed shutters and hollow blinds will also achieve the same objective.
  3. Access any double glazing grants which may be available.

UK Double Glazing Grants 2024

double glazing grants

The Government is committed to its net zero target by 2050 and, in order to achieve this, a huge proportion of the UK housing stock needs to be improved and made significantly more energy efficient.

At the same time the recent energy crisis amplified the need for less reliance on fossil fuels and the importance of greener energy.

So, this means existing houses need to be thermally upgraded (to varying degrees) in order to reduce heat loss and, at the same time, start to move away from gas and solid fuel heating to efficient electric systems with additional domestic power generation too.

Homes are being addressed on a “fabric first” basis as adding insulation to the walls, floors and roof space is the best way to minimise heat loss. At the same time heating systems are being upgraded and solar PV fitted.

But what about windows and double glazing?

Double Glazing – The Forgotten Energy Efficiency Measure

UK double glazing grants

Advances in materials and manufacturing process means that double glazing today is far more efficient than a few years ago. Replacing old double glazing units with new can add benefit … but not to the same extent as adding insulation.

For this reason, the Government has largely ignored double glazing and a grant supported stand-alone measure although certain options do still exist if you’re upgrading from single glazing (which will have a biggest and recognised impact) or as a “whole house” package of energy efficiency improvements.

At this stage most grant funding is targeted towards the more vulnerable households living in the most energy efficient homes and local authority social housing stock simply because this will deliver the greatest and most important impact at scale. But at some stage, if targets are to be met, the criteria is going to have to be opened up and private homeowners are going to need to be encouraged to put their hand in their pockets and make those energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

What does this mean for UK double glazing grants in 2024?

The double glazing industry recognise this and are frustrated by the fact that double glazing grants are not hight on the list of treasury priorities and are lobbying hard to have the benefits of replacing old windows recognised and supported with double glazing grants. Watch this space!

All this means that double glazing grants are not going to be readily available right now but there is some hope for the future. Don’t let this deter you from upgrading your windows though – the efficiency improvements will save you money and offset some of the cost and we’re expecting that the double glazing industry itself will come up with the offers and incentives to do this so we therefore anticipate that 2024 could be a good year to invest in new double glazing – grant or no grant!

Double Glazing Grants 2024

There’s more grant funding towards the cost of energy efficiency home improvements than ever before – different schemes for different areas on the UK aimed at different groups and to support different measures. We’ve published a handy guide explaining exactly what is available and who qualifies. There’s no specific double glazing grants at this stage but Government cash may be available in certain areas when incorporated within a wider energy efficiency improvement package if certain criteria is met.

You can find our more here: Double Glazing Grants 2024.

For more information on a wider range of energy efficiency grants visit:

Double Glazing Grants – What To Expect From The Industry

double glazing grants 2024 uk Interest rates have stabilised and likely to start to fall and inflation is coming under control. This means the cost of borrowing will likely come down a little. The double glazing market has been tough of late and this has resulted in a number of high profile casualties (Safestyle for example). New build housing has slowed as a result of higher interest rates too. So labour is available and double glazing manufacturers and installers are actively looking for work … and this can only be good from a consumer point of view.

We’re expecting to see a response from the double glazing industry. This could take the form of low cost credit, discounts, windows scrappage schemes and generally lower prices. If the Government aren’t to provide the double glazing grants the industry needs to come up with it’s own initiatives to get the market going again!

Our advice – first check for double glazing grants then shop around. You may just find an incredible deal even without double glazing grant support!

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