UK Double Glazing And Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme

Why you should trust the DGCOS when it comes to double glazing in the UK

Double Glazing And Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme - DGCOSWhen you pay for double glazing or have a conservatory installed, you want to get the best quality of work and service for your money … enter the Double Glazing And Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme or DGCOS.

Double glazing is meant to make your home extra warm, secure and quiet. Conservatories are excellent places to entertain and relax in. However, the last thing you want when hiring an installer is to be ripped off. If something goes wrong in the process of installation, it can also be hard to resolve disputes.

Many consumer protection agencies offer you safer channels through which to ensure the installers are reliable and the work done is to your satisfaction. The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme is one such organisation. They offer advice to consumers free of charge. The spokesman for the scheme is Nick Ross, of Crimewatch and BBC Watchdog fame. This lends a certain credibility to the scheme that many customers across the UK trust.

About the Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme

The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) offer consumer protection when hiring double glazing and conservatory services. It was established in 2010 as an independent regulatory body to monitor businesses that offer these services in the UK. The purpose of the body is to address the consumer protection failures in the double glazing industry. While these failures have always been a part of the industry, they were especially revealed by a recent report commissioned by the body.

The report revealed several flaws in consumer protection, even though there are as many as twenty different consumer protection schemes in the industry. It appears that some of these organizations may not be offering the kind of protection that you would want as a consumer. Some double glazing companies may bring you a letterhead showing you that it is a member of a consumer protection agency. But the level of protection varies across agencies. Not all offer the same kind of protection to customers.

Many of the installers also have the choice to provide only some of the protection that is available. Additionally, you may have to pay a deposit when you buy double-glazing related products. But many installers do not offer deposit protection. When something goes wrong, dealing with disputes can become very difficult. The intervention of an ombudsman or mediator can make the process so much easier.

The DGCOS addresses all these issues and strives to offer consumers solutions to these problems. Customers looking for conservatory or double glazing services can directly hire reliable and reputable businesses for the job through the DGCOS website. There are several benefits of seeking out services through the DGCOS channel.

Benefits of DGCOS for Consumers

DGCOSWhen you hire a double glazing service through DGCOS, you get a free quote as long as the business is registered with the association. The organization makes it easy to address complaints. It also resolves any disputes that may arise when things go wrong during the installation. You will receive a free information brochure that describes in great detail the protection that is offered to you by the scheme. Your free service also includes deposit protection along with a free written guarantee of the service you will receive. In addition, customers can also call in inspectors, ombudsman and mediators for free. They will also receive a free guarantee backed by insurance.

Insurance-backed guarantees are an important service that protects consumers. But not all installers follow the regulations. DGCOS can offer you arbitration services that will help you arrive at a legally binding solution that can be easily enforced.

Why you should trust the DGCOS when it comes to double glazing in the UK.

Members of DGCOS are carefully vetted before they are given membership. Thich ensures their credibility. Membership to the DGCOS is a twelve-point process, which includes the following requirements from the candidates:

  • references of ten jobs that have been completed over the last 12 months
  • three supplier reference
  • clearly framed professional contracts, written guarantees and terms and conditions
  • guarantees backed by insurance for at least ten years
  • full coverage by public liability insurance
  • a professional complaints handling process

In addition, the organization is independent and the members pay DGCOS. So there is no cost to be borne by the customer. All the services you receive from the organization are free. Since you want the best possible protection when you hire an installer, it is wise to take the advice of an organization like DGCOS who has already vetted members for you.

Hiring through DGCOS means less hassle for you in researching services, several free advisory and arbitration services. It also means plenty of accreditations to assure you the service you are hiring is more likely to be reliable.