Double Glazing Offers

double glazing offersWhilst the main purpose of is to point you in the direction of any free money that’s available for windows and doors we decided to look at some of the popular double glazing offers in the UK too.

These offers are probably the main incentives for replacing your windows right now in view of there being very limited options for double glazing grants.

Here’s our list of the most popularly advertised double glazing offers that you’ll see advertised today – all designed to reel you in!

Old Windows Trade In & Recycling Schemes

One of the popular double glazing offers you’ll find right now is a trade in offer whereby your old windows can be “part-exchanged” and recycled to give you a discount off your new double glazing.

There is no official Government backed recycling scheme (watch out for fake scams) but some of the main companies are offering as much as £100 trade in per window by way of incentive. It cuts cost of replacement double glazing and minimised environmental impact too.

Old double glazing can typically be recycled as follows:

  • Glass can be used to manufacture new windows, jars, bottles and other glass products. It needs to be kept separate from other glass due to added strengthening chemicals.
  • Plastic and PVC is recycled into pellets which can then be used to make recycled plastic goods such as drainage pipework, patio decking etc
  • Wood can be salvaged or, at very least, turned into biomass fuel pellets
  • Metal can be melted down and re-used in multiple ways

Older windows from before the 1970s may feature lead paint which means they will need to be disposed of in a different way.

Double Glazing Price Match

When it comes to double glazing offers you’ll come across price match guarantees everywhere. It’s basically your assurance that you are getting the best price on like for like windows with the idea being that you won’t feel the need to shop around.

Check the small print though as there’s going to be caveats. Typically:

  • Time limited
  • Like for like offers only – same size, type and quality of windows onle
  • Proof of quote

Some double glazing companies will offer to price match, others promise to beat the price of any like for like double glazing offer.

BOGOF Double Glazing Offers

Buy one get one free double glazing offers became popular a fair few years ago and are still used to entice buyers in to a much lesser degree.

The idea is that for every window you buy you get a similar window free. Or if you buy all the windows for the front of the house your get the back windows free.

In reality you’re likely to be paying inflated prices for the windows you’re paying for (nothing’s ever completely free). That said these deals are still worth adding to your comparison list.

Double Glazing Multi-Buy Offers

These double glazing offers work simply on the basis that the more you buy the lower the cost. Pretty obvious really due to the economies that buying multiple windows result in. Manufacturing costs reduce as does the cost of delivery and fitting … a single delivery and visit is required whether you’re having a single window installed or a whole house!

Low Cost / Interest Free Finance

This is a big one as easy, affordable payment schemes are often a winner! Many double glazing offers include a low deposit and interest free finance facility.

Our research suggests that these offers do vary quite a lot at the moment – ranging from a 2 year interest free facility to 5 years.

To be honest (it’s our cynical side perhaps) we’re not too sure if there’s any such thing as interest free credit but the big attraction is the simplicity of the offer to spread what is often a large cost into regular, affordable payments.

Double Glazing Offers – Recommended Action

Don’t be drawn in by any offer, no matter how tempting, until you’ve done your research. Decide on what you want and shop around. Check out the companies offering online quotes, the big national companies and your local double glazing companies too.

Ask around locally to see who’s doing the work in your area and check the review websites for recommendations.

Take into account the cost savings you will be making on energy bills as a result of improved energy efficiency and don’t be too tempted by the spread the cost deals as interest rates are low right now and you may find it better to fund the cost through re-mortgage or bank loan (always seek professional advice).

Regardless of price matching, recycling schemes, interest free finance and tempting offers you should always do your own research, shop around and explore all options to find the best double glazing offers for you.