Getting The Best Double Glazing Deals In The UK

Getting The Best Double Glazing Deals In The UK

Getting The Best Double Glazing Deals In The UKWhen it comes to getting the best double glazing deals in the UK most of us automatically turn to the big, household names. But there are other options and plenty of them some of which may offer interesting and cost effective alternatives.

First of all don’t forget, it’s not all about price. You should look for the best value for money for your particular needs or requirements … There’s a BIG difference.

The National UK Double Glazing Companies

When you buy off the big national names in the UK double glazing market you should be getting a good deal, top service, the best in guarantees … everything we come to expect from buying anything off the big brands. These companies don’t just rely on reputation and referrals but they advertise heavily and provide “interesting” and divers offers and incentives to entice us in. Whilst the traditional “foot in the door” type hard sell may not be as popular as it once was the big companies do employ professional door openers and highly trained sales people and closers. All that comes at a price of course and that comes from profits as there’s plenty to be made!

If you do intend to buy from one of the big companies (and we’d never suggest you don’t consider them) our advice is to do plenty of research first, set yourself a benchmark price and be prepared to negotiate – enjoy it as they want your business.

These days getting that benchmark price is pretty easy thanks to the internet. There are a number of companies who operate websites where you can enter the dimensions of your windows and doors, allow you to choose styling options and will then throw you out a price – it’s a perfect way to start as you’re guaranteed a good, realistic price which you can use to benchmark your negotiations. We’re not going to suggest any company in particular but try searching for something like “UK double glazing quotes online” and get a handful of quotes.

Local Double Glazing Companies

In your quest to find the best double glazing deals in the UK the other serious option to consider is the smaller local companies of which there are many choices so where do you start?

Ask Around.

Do you know any friends or neighbours who have had work done recently? If so ask them who they used and how you found the quality, service and price.

Local Ads

Look through those local advertising websites and flyers that drop through your doors. That should give you a list of many of the local options.

Check The Reviews

Once you’ve got your list of local options it’s time to check them out BEFORE you invite anyone round to quote. Again, these days it’s pretty easy to do through sites like and These organisations will give honest feedback from genuine customers and provide an overall rating for each company. They will also highlight any other highly rated local companies that you may not know about.


Once you’ve got the list, use these ratings sites to condense a shortlist to invite round to quote. I find an email enquiry is good initially as this will often show how quick a company is to respond and will give you more of a feel to the company.

Accurate quotes will always be after a physical visit to your property. This is because windows and doors will have to be accurately measured up. Access needs to be assessed and your choices explained and decided on. In most cases these local companies will not employ specific or professionally trained salespeople. The quote will then be provided in writing after the visit so you can expect no hard sell.

Don’t Just Think About The Big Nationals

Local companies should most definitely be considered. They can pretty much offer much of what the big companies can. The big difference being in the fact that they don’t actually manufacture the windows themselves. That should not put you off as they’ll be measuring up and having them made to measure, specifically for you, by specialist double glazing manufacturers. These guys will make the frames and provide the double glazed units to fit.

Some local companies will provide finance options too – again, let them quote you but then also talk to your bank to check against the quote as sourcing the finance yourself could also save you money.

Shop Around For The Best Double Glazing Deals In The UK

You’ll be amazed at the difference in prices and options in windows and doors. To give you an example we’ve recently been through exactly this process ourselves. We got the benchmark online quote set at £7,200 for 8 double glazed windows, a set of French doors, a composite front door with glazed side panel and 2 composite doors. One of the big companies tried to sell us the same for £12,000. They soon dropped to £8,000 when we used the benchmark price lever. We ended up going with a local company we’d never heard of who had an almost perfect rating on checkatrade from hundreds of satisfied customers. And we ended up paying less than £6,000 and being totally happy with the entire experience.

So, when it comes to getting the best double glazing deals in the UK, shop around. Keep your options open, be prepared to negotiate and don’t forget that you’re looking for the best value. Best value doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest double glazing.

Check out the Glass & Glazing Federation to find reputable companies.

Whoever you decide to use, always check out the terms and guarantees. Make sure you’re entirely happy before you commit to anything. And never part with any money until you’re had the work completed to your satisfaction.

Good Luck!