Double Glazing Grants For Pensioners

Double Glazing Grants For Pensioners

Double Glazing Grants For PensionersThe number of Government and Local authority measures designed to provide double glazing grants for pensioners in the UK to enable the installation or replacement of energy saving windows has reduced.

There are no longer the same support measures in place but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad time to buy. We say that because of the volume of deals and incentives offered by the private double glazing companies right now. It really is a buyers market!

Green Deal

The Green Deal came in in a blaze of glory but quickly and quietly disappeared. The idea was great. Everything started with a Green Deal Assessment on the home designed to recommend the optimum energy saving measures and provide details of what cashback or grants will be available and appropriate. The measures were then carried out and the cost attached to your energy bill and spread over an agreed period of time. It was guaranteed that the monthly cost would be less than the monthly energy savings hence, buy carrying out the right energy saving measures, you would actually save money. These measures included the cost of double glazing in many cases.

Unfortunately, the Green Deal was discontinued, as was the subsequent Home Initiative Fund. You can read more about the history of the Green Deal and the Green Deal Home Initiative Fund should you wish.

Double Glazing Grants – Options For Pensioners

No more Green Deal but there are still a few options. But very limited I’m afraid.

Household Energy Grants

Completely dependent on situations and circumstances but these Government funded grants are available to help with energy bills or towards the cost of a more efficient home. They’re dependent on the proposed improvement and the age of the property amongst other strict criteria.

Worth looking at though – nothing to lose here.

Start off with the questions on the calculator: Access The Calculator Here >>>

Cold Weather Payment

Don’t miss out on this one if you’re in receipt of Pension Credit or other benefits. You’ll get £25 for each 7 day period where the temperature drops below a certain level.

You don’t need to apply as it should come through automatically: Read More Here >>>

Warm Home Discount Scheme

The new scheme starts in mid October 2018. It works by giving you up to £140 off your electricity bill which is delivered in the form of a one off credit on your bill between September and March.

You could get £140 off your electricity bill under the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

The money is not paid to you – it’s a one-off discount on your electricity bill, between September and March.

You can read more about the Warm Home Discount Scheme HERE >>>

Winter Fuel Payment

Not exactly double glazing grants for pensioners but it is specifically for the older generation. You’ll need to have been born before 5th November 1953 to get this one. You could get anywhere between £100 and £300 so it’s really worth it.

Again, it’s usually automatic but it’s worth checking your eligibility HERE >>>

The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows with Double Glazing Grants for Pensioners

The way that double glazed windows work is they trap the air between the panes of the glass and this creates a layer of insulation. With the layer of insulation, the heat is not lost but circulates throughout the room resulting energy not lost and money saved. The double glazed windows will keep rooms warm during those cold months, and cool in the summer months. They’ll also reduce your fuel bills – often considerably.

Double glazed windows also offer more security for a home because they come with locking mechanisms that come with reinforced hinges making it difficult to jam the window from the outside.

Whilst over time, most windows will have an appearance of mold or condensation due to the moisture in the air. Double glazed windows have water tight sealants making it extremely difficult for the intrusion of water to settle in and develop mold or condensation.

The reduced noises are also a big plus for people who have the double glazed windows. The outside noises of cars, lawnmowers, neighborhood disturbances are eliminated or significantly reduce with the double glazed windows.

So, there’s always a good argument for replacing or upgrading your windows.

Double Glazing Offers And Deals

So, there’s not much around in the way of double glazing grants for pensioners but don’t let that put you off. We say that because there are some amazing deals and offers around right now.

In a way, the lack of grants means that the windows manufacturers and installers have to be more competitive. Because of that it’s a real buyers market right now.

Some of the offers include a scrappage scheme, buy now pay later, interest free credit, buy one get one free and discounts – often in excess of 50%.

It could be a great time to buy … as long as you do your research, shop around and play one company off against another.

How to Get a Double Glazing Grant for Pensioners

We know the many benefits of installing double glazed windows but we know the cost may be considerable. Grants available are limited right now but there are a few around. We suggest following the links above or contacting your local council as most of the central grants and support payments are administered through these bodies.

Don’t assume you can’t afford windows without a grant. Contact the double glazing companies and let them put a package together for you. Get the right windows and they’ll save you money. This saving can be put against the monthly cost which can be spread out, often interest free! So, it may not cost you as much as your first thought.

If you’re still in need we suggest the age charities. All of these charities are there to support. If your need is real and genuine there’ll be someone who can help.

Whilst not double glazing grants for pensioners make sure you take advantage of the various fuel and winter payments. Most are paid automatically but it’s worth checking that you’re getting them. Every little helps as the saying goes!

We hope this article has helped a little. Thanks for your visit today.