Double Glazing Installation

double-glazingIn UK, windows are considered to the most likely avenue of heat loss during the winter seasons. Homeowners lose almost 30% of their heat through windows. One of the ways to reduce heat loss and minimise condensation in your home is to install double glazing. Even though this is effective, it can sometimes be very expensive.

You can have your double glazing retrofitted by installing them into your existing frames, or you can opt to have them entirely replaced. The other option is the secondary double glazing. In this situation, there is an additional frame and window pane, which is usually made of acrylic. They are installed over the current frame and window. In some cases, window installers used magnetic seals to secure them.

In the UK, people living in a listed building or a conservation area are not usually allowed to install double glazing. For those living in such situations, there is always the secondary option. You can request permission from you local building manager before you make any changes.

All new buildings within the UK have to match up to certain building regulations. This is to ensure that they are in line with the thermal requirements set out. You can hire a window installer who is registered with a self-evaluation scheme. They will inform you of any rules and regulations related to double glazing installation. In addition, they will make the local authority aware that your windows are in compliance with the set out regulations.

Aspects of double glazing

The level of efficiency of double glazing is dependent on the unit as a whole. You have to look at the type of window pane, frames and materials used. In addition, you also have to look at the way the entire unit is retrofitted and not just at the glazing material being used.

-The frames can me made suing materials like PVC, aluminium, wood or thermally broken aluminium.

-You can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of double glazing with use of low-e glass or by placing argon between window panes

You should also try and match the frames with existing look of the house.

Ways to mange and reduce the cost of double glazing installation

Before you begin installing any type of double glazing in your home, you should ensure that the rest of the house is fairly warm and very energy efficient. In addition, you should not spend any money before you have secured various items and done certain things. This is the one of the best to cut down on costs when it comes to double glazing installation.

Before embarking on double glazing installation, you should at least do the following things:


In case you limited resources, you will definitely need to prioritize your money when installing double glazing. Rooms that are used most are the ones that need efficient heating. You should place any insulated windows in these rooms first. This will help you to make greater energy savings because there will be no need to put insulated windows where they are not really needed.

All your effort should be focussed on the living areas. This is mainly because they have large picture windows with a vast area of external wall. They also tend to have windows facing to the south. In addition, if you intend to be home all day, these are rooms you should focus on double glazing installation.


Both your ceiling and beneath the floor of your house need to be insulated. In some situations, all the insulation has to be done in accordance with the Buildings Code Standards.


You have to install efficient and highly effective heating systems in the rooms that you use most.


You have to minimise on how you spend your water as much as you possibly can.


You should install extraction in areas such as the kitchen and in any of your bathrooms. This will help to ventilate any humid air to the outside part of your house.


You should also deal with any air leaks, especially those found around windows.


You need to do prior investigations into how much you will need for bulk insulation into the external and south facing walls. Once you get the figures, you should compare them to those of installing double glazing. This is especially important if the areas you plan to heat most have bigger external wall areas as opposed to window areas.


You have to consider which parts of your home you want to heat efficiently. This is important if you plan to say in the house for a long period.

Why Buy

There are those who investigate double glazing because they have issues with condensations on their windows during the cooler times of the year. Double glazing will definitely help you to cut down or completely eliminate condensation. However, if you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you will be able to reduce the dampness and condensation in a more cost effective way.

Some houses in the UK cannot be insulated because of their design. For such houses, double glazing installation can be a step towards improved heat efficiency and comfort levels of that home. This is among the best reasons for double glazing installations.

In addition, you should not also throw away your curtains. Quite a number of people are not aware that double glazing does not act as a replacement for window curtains. They do different jobs at different intervals. However, in some homes they complement each other. Even though double glazing installation is a good step towards efficient heating of your home, curtains still have some insulation value. This is especially true during the night.


People should be very careful about double glazing when they are dealing with aluminium frames that are not broken. As we all know, aluminium is a type of metal that conducts heat very well. A thermally broken aluminium has special kind of material installed into the frame found on the outside part of the house and the frame found on the inside the part of the house. This significantly helps to reduce heat loss. You should think very carefully before you decide to install or retrofit using aluminium frames. In some homes, they are responsible for high levels of heat loss. In addition, they can attract things such as mould and condensation.