Double Glazed Windows Repair

Double Glazing Grants - Double Glazed Windows RepairWhen any sealed unit of double glazed windows need repair, the framework can generally be re-used. But the sealed window unit itself will need to be replaced. Only by replacement, can it be assured that the desiccant used between the panes of glass will function properly and the sealing of the perimeter of the unit is not faulty.

Other Problems That May Need Double Glazed Windows Repair

A common and major problem that will cause double glazed windows to need repair is what professionals refer to as “break down.” “Break down” occurs when the seal on the perimeter of the sealed window unit has begun to leak. This allows moisture to accumulate between the two window panes. This is a problem that might be difficult to notice at first. But over time, allows water to fill up the inner space, sometimes to a level of a few inches. This problem may often be difficult to spot in the early stages other than the fading or discolouration present if the glass is coloured.

Another problem that can occur and require repair, is the window panes in the double glazed units exploding. They are not actually exploding, but imploding. This occurs as a result of weak or scratched glass used in the manufacture of the window, conditions present during the manufacture of the window, or thermal stress after the window was installed.The combination of indoor heat and outdoor cold temperatures place a great deal of stress on the window. An “oily” condition, called “Brewster’s Fingers,” might also occur and cause repair of the double glazed window. Although this happens rarely, the only way to “repair” this condition is by replacing the sealed unit. It is caused by the high quality of glass sometimes used today compared to the older versions of sheet glass.

What to Look for in Double Glazed Sash Windows Repair

You first should try to locate the best qualified repair person you can find, when the need arises for double glazed windows repair. Generally, the frames, whether they are made of wood, aluminum, or PVC-U, can be reused, as long as the new double glazed sash windows are seated correctly on the glazing blocks and are the correct fit into the window frame.

If you have had problems with breaking or implosion of your double glazed window units, you might want to make sure that the new windows are made of thicker, stronger glass. You might also make sure that the desiccant used between the window panes when they are manufactured is a low deflection type of dessicant. To prevent “Brewsters Fingers, ” it might be a good idea to find out what type of glass was used in the manufacture of the replacement windows. Whenever you notice any significant amount of moisture collecting between the window panes, it is time to have an expert check the window. The problem will continue to get worse, and so it’s important to get it sorted as soon as possible.