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DoubleGlazingGrants.com is an informational website only. Created to help you find out about double glazing grants and if they are available to you. We’ll also explain what finance and funding options are out there. The focus is solely on the UK.

The availability of double glazing grants a the different funding options can seem like a bit of a minefield. That’s why we’ve tried to explain everything that’s available in the UK and to keep the information relevant and up to date as it changes very regularly. We hope you find the information useful and welcome any feedback.

A good double glazing installation can be incredibly cost effective but the initial outlay may not be cheap! It will often involve financing of some description and so any help towards the cost is usually gratefully received.

Are Double Glazing Grants Available?

The answer is a resounding … possibly!

Not much help really but most of these grants are driven through local authorities. Therefore your first port of call is to make contact with the relevant authority and ask the question. These grants will almost certainly be means tested. There will  be criteria to meet. Typically you’ll need to earn below a certain level and receive specific benefits/credits or be registered disabled. That said – it’s got to be worth the question!

Is There Such Thing As A Scrappage Scheme?

Lots of talk but no official action!

Rumours of a windows scrappage scheme started several years ago and the government was heavily petitioned. But nothing was ever officially set up since then. The previous boiler scrappage scheme was run by the Energy Savings Trust who provided a voucher towards the cost of a replacement boiler if certain criteria were met. This was back in 2012 and was so successful that the glazing industry was pushing for something similar to be put in place for replacement windows. Always shop around though as some glazing companies may have similar offers from time to time.

Government Grants For Windows And Doors UK.

The Green Deal, Energy Company Obligation, Green Homes Grant .. just a few of the various grant funding initiatives over recent years which can include double glazing grants. Actual grant availability varies country to country and changes year to year. We suggest you read our indepth feature entitled Double Glazing Grants 2022 UK to see all the current options.

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