Double Glazing Grants 2017

Double Glazing Grants 2017

double glazing grants 2017With the demise of the Green Deal options for double glazing grants in the UK in 2017 are very limited but there may still be a little help out there but this is very much dependant on your personal circumstances.


Just because a grant may not be available shouldn’t necessarily put you off. The reason we say that is because right now, without financial support, the double glazing companies are having to be very competitive in order to attract your business. This means there are some terrific deals out there if you shop around.

Many companies offer a price match or lowest price guarantee (which is why you should shop around!). Most of the big ones are offering interest free credit or finance at attractive terms too. This will enable you to spread the financial burden over a few years.

For many years there’s been talk of a government run windows scrappage scheme to support the market and energy efficiency. Nothing, however, has officially come of this. Any such scheme advertised is a sales initiative from a specific company in the form of a cash back incentive. However, 2017 seems to be the year of straightforward discounts, competitive pricing and interest free credit.

Double Glazing Grants 2017 – What’s Available?

As we stated, very limited options for double glazing grants 2017. But, that said, there are some options of help which completely depend on your own personal circumstances.

Government Help:

There may be a way that double glazing can be considered withing an energy grant which will depend on you and the property you live in. The best place to start is by filling in the form on the UK Government website page. This is entitled: Find energy grants and ways to improve your energy efficiency . All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and the calculator will tell you what (if anything) is available to you.

Energy Supplier Assistance:

In most cases any help from your energy company is centred around insulation and heating. It’s unlikely that window replacement / upgrade will be considered but it may be worth the question. The scheme itself is called the Affordable Warmth Obligation you can read all about it here >>>.

Cold Weather Support:

Cold Weather Payments, Warm Home Discount Scheme and Winter Fuel Payments. All designed to support the cost of keeping warm in cold weather but these initiatives. None are inked to home improvements / energy efficiency but worth the claim nonetheless. You can find out about these here >>>.

Local Authority Grants:

Plenty of options for the disabled including the Disabled Facilities Grant which is worth checking out. It may, in some cases, support energy efficiency but, if not, your local authority will be able to advise what is available in your area. Click HERE to find out more.

Home Improvement Agencies:

There are over 200 Home Improvement Agencies covering the UK. Their mission is to “help older people, people with disabilities, and vulnerable people to live in safety and with dignity in their own homes“. They are focused on ensuring that existing housing is fit for purpose and that vulnerable people are able to continue living independently as long as possible. So, for the elderly, disabled or those on low income there may well be support out there. These agencies are regionally based and to find one local to you simply visit

Double Glazing Grants 2017 – The Outlook

Nothing is predicted to change this year. So the best option is to shop around and take advantage of the highly competitive climate right now. Whilst grants may not be readily available there really are some incredible deals out there so make sure your shop around. It’s a buyers market so let them fight for your business!