The Many Benefits Of Double Glazing

double_glazing_benefitsDid you know you can lose up to 25% of your household heat through your windows? This means you are paying for energy that is literally floating right through your windows with nothing to stop it! That’s where the benefits of double glazing become evident and you may not be aware of some of the available double glazing grants and funding options that are available.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to live in a home with single glazing during the winter you’ll know what a massive difference double glazing makes to the both how warm the property stays and how much it insulates the house from external noise pollution too. How double glazing achieves this is by using two layers of glass instead of one. The gap between these layers of glass is filled with Argon gas, which provides additional heat and noise insulation benefits (Find out more). So we wanted to take a few moments and explain exactly how double glazing can benefit any home it’s fitted to.

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Did you also know? If you’re a UK resident, funding MAY be available under the new Government Green Deal initiative … read more here >>>


Increased Comfort

Most people are familiar with the fact that double glazing will almost instantly make any home feel warmer. But there are other major benefits to having these types of windows fitted to any home or business.

Obviously there’s the benefit that your rooms will be warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer but double glazing also offers hugely improved noise insulation. So if you’re living in a busy urban area you’ll love the extra peace and quiet you’ll have.

Another huge benefit of double glazing is that you’ll notice there’s far less condensation inside your home. As a result this means there’ll be a reduced risk of moulds and mildew appearing and ruining your decor in the process.


PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride Un-plasticised) windows are synthetic in nature. So although you might prefer to have hardwood or softwood windows fitted you’ll never need to worry about PVC windows decomposing. On top of that most PVC window frames are reinforced with either steel or aluminium. So they’re far tougher than any type of wooden window frame.

That being said you can also choose to have PVC windows with a faux hardwood finish fitted. Or if you’re living in a listed building you do also have the option of having double glazing windows set in hardwood or softwood frames fitted to your home.

Environmentally Friendly

The reason why most people have double glazed windows fitted is because they offer pretty significant energy savings each year. The average household expected to save at least £160 in fuel/energy costs.

By reducing the amount of fuel your family or home uses you’ll also be helping the environment. This is because you’re lowering your C02 emissions and as a result reducing the size of your carbon footprint.

Another recent development in the UK are the grants being offered to property owners to improve the energy efficiency of their home as part of The Green Deal. This can be for amounts up to £10,000, so you’re being incentivized to upgrade your home to double glazing.

PVC itself is also recyclable because it can be reduced to its original state when exposed to heat. You’ll find there are companies offering recycled PCV windows. Again is an environmentally friendly choice to make.

Increased Security

Double glazed windows are far, far tougher than normal window panes. They can definitely act a deterrent to burglars and other types of undesirables looking at your home as a prospective target. Even if a burglar does attempt to break a double glazed window he’ll find that without specialized equipment he’s wasting his time.

The benefits of double glazed windows in your home far outweigh any reasons not to install it.