Double Glazing Grants 2019

Double Glazing Grants 2019

Double Glazing Grants 2019As we enter another new year and uncertain “Brexit” times very little has changed on the home improvement front, especially when it comes to double glazing grants 2019 in the UK.

There are still a few options for double glazing grants available though – particularly for those living in Scotland or Ireland.

The UK Governments own “Green Deal” closed back in 2015. This basically provided low cost loans which could be paid back using the money saved in energy usage for home energy efficiency improvement measures … including double glazing.

This program has been closed recently. However …

… since the closure the privately owned and backed Green Deal Finance Company have taken ownership of the scheme and now provide a similar lending service to support energy efficiency upgrades. As we said, the Green Deal Finance Company is now a privately funded organisation but the principle is still the same. That said, you are still borrowing the money and repaying the loan. Whilst in many cases it could be competitive, interest rates are still very low and so you may find it better to fund the cost yourselves through an unsecured loan, an increase in your mortgage etc.

Linking double glazing with other energy saving measures could significantly reduce fuel costs. These savings could go towards the cost of the loan so it’s worth considering.

We’re not financial experts so suggest that you shop around and take professional advice first.

Double Glazing Grants 2019 – England

The Governments own Energy Company Obligation (well known as ECO for short) was originally set up in 2013. It’s mission … to help certain households get financial support from energy suppliers in order to improve their homes energy efficiency.

ECO reformed in 2017 but closed in September 2018. It’s now been replaced by ECO3.

ECO3 has just started as we write this post (December 2018). It’s scheduled to run until 2022. However, its focus is exclusively on low income families, vulnerable households and those living in fuel poverty.

The “Big 6” energy companies all support ECO3. It’s estimated that it could still help around 900,000 households. However, when you examine the measures that it covers, the focus is mainly and understandably on heating and insulation.

Double Glazing Grants 2019 – Scotland

For those in Scotland there is better news. The Governments Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland (HEEPS for short) is still available. It’s designed to support homeowners and landlords with the cost of energy efficient home improvements. You’ll be pleased to know that it includes double glazing. In a nutshell, it provides an interest free loan and a maximum 25% cash back grant up to maximum limits.

You can read more about HEEPS here >>>.

Double Glazing Grants 2019 – Ireland

In the Republic Of Ireland the Home Renovation Incentive is still going strong. This government scheme basically provides tax credits against the cost of home improvements. Again, this includes window replacement and double glazing.

You can read more about the Home Renovation Incentive here >>>.

Double Glazing Grants 2019 – Wales

The Welsh Government also run a Warm Homes Program which incorporates other schemes such as ARBED and NEST by providing funding for energy efficiency improvements to low income households and those living in deprived communities across Wales.
Again, this is mainly focused on heating and insulation but Arbed does mention draught proofing amongst it’s measures.

You can read more about the WHP here >>>.

Double Glazing Grants 2019 – Conclusion

So, whilst there’s various options in other parts, for the average private homeowner in the England, when it comes to double glazing grants, there’s very little to get excited about. The best bet is to contact your local council to see if there is any localised support they may be able to provide.

That said, it’s still worth remembering that interest rates are still very low which makes borrowing attractive. Replacing your windows may result in a considerable saving in fuel costs – especially when supported by other energy saving measures too like insulation, boiler replacement … right down to energy saving lightbulbs. These savings will go quite some way towards the cost of borrowing to fund the installation of double glazing which will also add value to your property so, double glazing grants or not, it’s still worth considering!

And don’t forget the golden rule … shop around! There’s some smaller, local, family type businesses who can offer amazing value for money when compared with some of the major players in the double glazing market. Take your time, get a variety of quotes and research the installers to ensure you’re going to get quality products and installation and remember that you’re looking for the best value for money rather than the cheapest – there’s a BIG difference!

Watch this space – if anything changes in respect of double glazing grants UK 2019 we’ll let you know.