Double Glazing Grants 2018

Double Glazing Grants 2018

Double Glazing Grants 2018Unfortunately, not a lot has changed over the course of the year so far. There’s still not much around in the way of double glazing grants 2018 with what help there is rightly being used to support those who need it most.

Whilst there is still an energy saving grant available through the Government the criteria is tight.

That means the best option for double glazing grants 2018 is to self-finance. But, don’t let that put you off as there are some incredible deals around.

Energy Saving Grants

As we mentioned, there is still a grant advertised on the Government website but the criteria is very strict.

It starts off with an online calculator. Simply put in your details and it’ll tell you whether you may be eligible for financial support or not. Don’t build your hopes up though – it’s certainly not for the masses!

Access the calculator Here >>> you’ve nothing to lose.

Green Deal 2018

There are still rumours that the Green Deal may be resurrected in some way later in 2018 so watch this space but, until then (and we don’t know if this is actually happening and if it will provide financial support towards the cost of double glazing) there’s not really anything to get excited about.

A private version of the Green Deal has been launched (read more here >>>) however, whilst it specifically mentions all the areas below:

  • New or replacement boiler (condensing, biomass)
  • Solid Wall (internal & external)/ Loft/ Floor Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Heating/ Hot Water/ Lighting Controls
  • Heating System Insulation
  • Ground and air source heat pumps
  • Fan assisted storage heaters
  • Flue gas recovery devices
  • Innovative hot water systems
  • Draught proofing

There’s no mention of double glazing grants 2018 at all.

Energy Company Obligation 2018

The second phase of ECO (Energy Company Obligation) called ECO2 included the Affordable Warmth Obligation but this ended on 31st March 2017. However, a new ECO Scheme is in the consultation stages and, as a result there is a new Help to Heat Scheme which is scheduled to run over a transitional period whilst the shape of the new ECO scheme is decided and finalised.

Before you get excited though it’s unlikely that this will provide much help towards the cost of windows. It’s aimed more at fuel poverty with any grant being based on carbon saving or cost saving as a result of heating system upgrade. It will make it easier for those in social housing to get a grant towards cavity wall insulation, loft insulation or heating systems but not really towards the cost of windows.

So, whilst we await the next ECO scheme to see if there is any provision in respect of double glazing it’s pretty much down to the windows companies themselves to provide the incentives which means that, even without the grants, the cost of double glazing can be fairly attractive if you’re prepared to shop around. Interest rates also remain low and so it’s not a bad time to buy for those who are also looking to spread the cost.

Double Glazing Scrappage Schemes 2018

Again, there’s nothing available centrally but several of the main double glazing companies are providing this form of incentive themselves whereby they will give the consumer a cash back figure for their old double glazing windows and doors which will be recycled. Currently Anglian are one such  company providing this kind of incentive which they describe as follows:

The Anglian Scrappage Scheme is very simple, giving you money for your old windows and doors, whilst also offering you a discount on your brand new double glazing too. You can receive up to £3,000 for your old windows, going towards your upgrade to new energy efficient glazing.

Rather than sending waste materials to landfill, Anglian choose to recycle. This means we can generate money from your old windows and doors, which we pass back onto you, the customer, as ‘Scrappage’ value.

When you choose to take part in the Anglian Scrappage Scheme, you’ll not only be helping the environment by recycling your old products, you’ll be cutting down the cost of your new windows too.

Double Glazing Incentives 2018

OK, so whilst double glazing grants 2018 are not readily available lots of companies offering discounts and BOGOF deals. This means great deals if you shop around. It can however make choosing the right company to go with pretty difficult. It can also put us, the consumers, in control of negotiations though. Some companies (like SafeStyle currently – December 2017) are going with the “we’ll beat any price” promise. The majority of others though are just advertising significant discounts, often in excess of 50%.

Finance too is pretty competitive. We’ve noticed deals for buy now pay 2019, there are companies offering 0% APR and others who are are offering  incredibly competitive finance agreements.

That’s why we suggest that 2018 may not be a bad year to get those new windows and doors. Who needs grants when competition for your business is like it is right now. Make the most of being in the driving seat!