Double Glazing Grants For Disabled

Double Glazing Grants For Disabled People

Double Glazing Grants For DisabledA lot of people wonder about double glazing grants for disabled people who are officially registered as such. Through its Warm Front plan, the UK government provides grants of up to £3500 for loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as draught proofing, but offers nothing to save heating costs and energy by way of double glazing grants for disabled.


However, in most parts of the country, local authorities give Disabled Facilities Grants to registered people with disabilities who meet their criteria. Most measures now start with a Green Deal Assessment on the home designed to recommend the optimum energy saving measures and provide details of what cashback or grants will be available and appropriate – book a Green Deal Assessment today or read more about the Green Deal or the new Green Deal Home Initiative Fund.

The disabled person must be the owner or tenant of the property being repaired or renovated, and income and savings will be considered before grants are given. Other countries, like the US and Canada, appear to have no such scheme in place.

Also well worthy of consideration and examination are the various funding and finance options that may be available under the new government Green Deal initiative – this could certainly be worth looking into.

The Green Deal has been established (Oct 2012) to provide low cost finance that’s offset by the reduction in energy bills. It also provides access to grants if certain criteria are met.

This initiative is available to each and every household in the UK – read more here >>>

Ways to Reducing Heat Costs without Double Glazing Grants for the Disabled

Fortunately, there are other ways to reduce the amount of heat that seeps out through single glazed windows, which only have one sheet of glass. Double glazed windows contain two sheets with a small air gap between them, which serves as insulation.

A construction technique known as secondary glazing can help homeowners warm up their houses by applying a second layer of glass to their single glazed windows without removing the pieces already in place. There are even very cheap do it yourself solutions involving a material akin to industrial strength cling film (I’m sure there’s a more technical name for this!!!!) – not perfect but it does help. Whilst these solutions obviously don’t sit as tightly as double glazing would, they can serve as a less efficient form of insulation that can cut costs in the winter.

You could also consider hanging a heavy curtain over the windows, especially those facing the north or any direction where strong winds come from.

Partial double glazing is an option for disabled people who would need a grant to replace all the windows in the house.

Starting with the draughtiest areas will reduce some heat loss and make your house more energy efficient.

This could be a long-term project with extra cash going into upgrading each window over time.

Anything that helps keep the warmth in and save energy and money has to be good!

And – don’t forget the Green Deal finance and funding options … get your property assessed and see what the suggestions and potential savings are. It’s a national government initiative rather than a commercial one and it’s designed to help and advise – it’s not a commercial initiative where the emphasis is on making a sale!

Double Glazing Grant Options for the Disabled

Some grants cover the entirety of the double glazing, while others require a contribution on the part of the house owner or tenant. The total amount of the grant is decided based on the combined income of all adult residents. The criteria differs for families with disabled children under nineteen years of age.

Disabled Facilities Grants are not available in Scotland; for residents of that nation, social services would determine if and how much money could be offered for home renovations. Sometimes the waitlist for grants, including double glazing grants for disabled persons is quite long, so it’s a good idea to apply before the situation becomes too dire.

It doesn’t hurt to check up on the status of your application to make sure that it is actually in progress, but nobody likes to be pestered. During the waiting phase, you can start applying some temporary techniques to improve your heating situation.

If you or someone you know needs to install double glazing, it’s a good time to start looking at funding options. A good way to find out about the grants available through the UK government for double glazing for disabled people is by contacting local social services offices.

Also – don’t forget to look at the Green Deal – it starts with a complete home assessment that covers, not just windows but insulation, boilers, solar panels etc … anything that could save energy and hence money.