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Double Glazing Grants

Double Glazing Grants And UK Finance. 

Double Glazing GrantsDouble glazing your windows can be an expensive procedure. Luckily though, a number of double glazing grants are available to improve energy efficiency as well as reduce your own personal heating costs. Not to mention increase your comfort level when it’s cold outside.

The bad news is that the majority of UK households are not eligible for double glazing grants. Depending on where the grant is coming from, various criteria must be met before a homeowner or tenant can receive one.

The obvious one is income level. Most double glazing grants come directly from the government or through social services. These organizations seldom enjoy throwing money at people who already have enough to pay for themselves. A lot of the time, if a couple owns a home and applies for a grant, both incomes will be taken into consideration during the decision-making process. Even if a double glazing grant is not available, alternative finance and funding options may still exist under the government Green Deal initiative. Read about double glazing and the green deal here >>>.

Who Is Eligible for Double Glazing Grants?

The government has set up specific guidelines about who is eligible for a grant to install new double glazed windows. The group includes the elderly and the disabled, especially those who are living on their own. Local councils sometimes give out Home Repair Assistance grants, which covers some or all of the cost of materials needed to fix up your house. Due to the large volume of requests for this type of grant, the waiting list can be very long. This is one reason why you should know exactly what work you need to do and what that work will require before you apply. Changes to your application might be possible, but it’s better just to save yourself the hassle.

Care and Repair is a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities and people over sixty to fill out grant applications. It will also check up on the job as it progresses to make sure that the contractors are doing what they said they would and without charging exorbitant fees!

Benefits of Double Glazing Grants.

Some say the double glazing can reduce heat loss through the window by as much as 50%, but the cost of installing this type of window can run quite high.

A grant allows for uniform installation at the same time, whereas without the full money on hand at the beginning of the project, you might be inclined to put the windows in gradually.

This isn’t a bad idea and can already help insulate your house for both heat and noise. However, if you think you might be eligible for a complete or partial grant, it is definitely something worth looking into.

First Steps to Getting Double Glazing Grants.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) can advise anyone who contacts them on available grants in specific areas. It can also help with ways to make your home more energy efficient within your budget. A good first step towards getting your house fitted with double glazed windows is to contact this group or your local social service office.

Once you have the information you need, you’ll be ready to figure out what the best path for your own home and budget will be and whether you qualify for double glazing grants.