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  • Double Glazing Grants 2016

    double glazing grants 2016With the recent withdrawal of the Green Deal and Home Improvement Fund just what’s left in the way of double glazing grants 2016 and what does the future hold?

  • Help Towards The Cost Of Double Glazing In 2015

    double glazing grantsYou don’t know unless you ask so why not check up to see if you are eligible for help towards the cost of double glazing, help with your energy bills or to help create a more energy efficient home.

  • Double Glazing Grants 2015

    Double glazing grants 2015When it comes to double glazing grants 2015 the cashback continues following the long awaited re-launch of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in December 2014 … so grab it while you can!

  • Why you should trust the DGCOS when it comes to double glazing in the UK

    Double Glazing And Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme - DGCOSWhen you pay for double glazing or have a conservatory installed, you want to get the best quality of work and service for your money … enter the Double Glazing And Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme or DGCOS.

  • Double Glazing Grants 2014 – GDHIF Cashback Returns

    double glazing grants 2014The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF for short) is on its way back meaning that cashback grants for double glazing could be available again from November 2014.

  • How To Pick The Best Double Glazing Company

    Double glazing grants ukWhether you’re eligible for double glazing grants or not you’ll want to make sure that you pick the right double glazing company and negotiate the best deal so we’ve put together a few tips.

  • No More Double Glazing Grants Via GDHIF

    Double Glazing Grants - GDHIF ClosureWithout much warning at all, the Government closed applications to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, or GDHIF as it’s better known, on the 24th July 2014 due to overwhelming demand and announced that it had been a huge success.

    The announcement was met with disappointment from those involved in energy related markets, including the double glazing industry.

  • Existing Double Glazing – Should I Replace?

    Replacement Double GlazingAny double glazing salesman will naturally want you to buy replacement windows but when do you really need to replace?

  • Money Back On New Windows

    Claim Money Back On The Cost Of Double GlazingDid you know that, here in the United Kingdom, it is now possible to claim money back on the cost of double glazing in many cases?

  • Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) Cashback

    cash back double glazingFrom June 2014, under the new Government scheme, householders both in England and Wales are now able to claim up to £7,600 cashback towards the cost of energy efficiency enhancements to the home and includes up to £1,000 against the cost of double glazing and secondary glazing.

  • Double Glazing Installation

    double-glazingIn UK, windows are considered to the most likely avenue of heat loss during the winter seasons. Homeowners lose almost 30% of their heat through windows. One of the ways to reduce heat loss and minimise condensation in your home is to install double glazing. Even though this is effective, it can sometimes be very expensive.

  • Windows Scrappage Scheme

    windows scrappage schemeUp to 18% of the energy can be lost through the windows in your property – it’s like throwing £5 notes away. With that in mind you’ll understand why energy efficient windows are so important, not only can they preserve that energy but they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions too so you’re saving money and the environment.